We Help You Setup Your Online Presence Seamlessly

When you’ve grown up in the brick and mortar world, isn’t the idea of taking your business online a little scary? We know you have been thinking about it, but so much uncertainty about what to do. New concepts like eTailing, eCommerce, shopping cart software, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), youTube and on and on!

So how much longer can we ignore a generation that lives, eats, entertains, talks and does all else via the internet? In fact, did you know…

  • More consumers are shopping on the Web – increasing to 11% per year.
  • E-Commerce growth of 14% has been reported by the U.S. Commerce Department for Q1, 2010.
  • Online sales are expected to exceed $300 Billion in 2010.

If your eyes are not as big as saucers right now it means you already know this and want to get a piece of that $300 Billion pie. Isn’t that why you and I are here?

We can deliver you the goods without you having to go through the pangs and anxiety of all the heavy lifting. We take care of everything from setting up the domain name i.e. your website name, to designing an appropriate website based on your business model, implementing the website, hosting the website, adding content to the website, marketing the website and finally, maintaining the website for you. You get to keep all the profits while we will be quite happy with a tiny fee – a win-win situation all around. Or, we can teach you how to do it all, no problem.

So, learn how we can help you capture a piece of the $300 billion pie!

  • Submit your project to see what we can do for you!
  • Download our free eCommerce Solutions “white papers” to learn much more.

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